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  • Smoke Alarm Installation

    Smoke Alarm Installation

    Smoke Alarms are the last line in defence within your electrical system to help keep you and your family alive. Smoke alarms are constantly evolving for this reason. Did you know Smoke alarms have a 10 year life span before needing replacement as well as a battery that should be replaced every 6-12 months. These days we also have different internal parts which make smoke alarms more reliable, older smoke alarms where made with a radio active material and where called ionisation smoke alarms where our new ones are called photo electric smoke alarms. 

    What are the main differences?

    Ionisation Smoke Alarms (Old out of date type) these type of smoke alarms detect flame and heat rather than smoke. The issue with this is that by the time flame or heat has gotten to the alarm is is often to late. its known that ionisation smoke alarms could take up to 40mins to go off after a source of ignition starts smoking.

    Photoelectric Smoke Alarms (New type) These Smoke Alarms Detect smoke meaning that these alarms alert you before the flames even start often alerting you 15-50 minutes earlier than the old type. 

    With these new Photo Electric Smoke Alarms we also have premium alarms that have a 10 year lithium batter meaning no more replacing batteries yearly, wired or wireless interconnection meaning if one alarm detects smoke all alarms will go off giving you more time to get out and alert the emergency services and even a remote control so you can hush the alarm or test it without getting on a ladder or chair to reach the alarm which could be extremely dangerous.

    Remember all Smoke Alarms should be replaced every 10 years at a maximum!


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